History in brief

Molini Besozzi Marzoli (MBM) was found the 1st June 1911 in Milano (Italy) by Comm. Cesare Besozzi, great grand father of the actual Sole Administrator Filippo Tancredi Ferrario.

Deed of Incorporation

The family journey in food sector started with its milling plant in via Adige 20, one of the most advanced at the time.

Rolling machines

In 1950, Comm. Cesare Besozzi, before definitively handing the reins to his son-in-law, Giuseppe Ferrario, carried out much needed building work on the Via Adige building enabling new milling equipment to be installed. Of his many projects, the spiral staircase, designed by his friend Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi, is worth remembering.

Piero Portaluppi – Scala elicoidale per edificio produttivo

In 1970 the mill’s management was passed onto the third generation with Enrico Ferrario at the helm. Enrico Ferrario had an eye for the long-term future of the business and successfully brought it into the new millennium, combining flour milling with the manufacturing of highly technological semi-finished products for bread, cake and pizza making.

In 2006, the fourth generation’s representative, Filippo Tancredi Ferrario, begun a profound reorganisation of all family’s business activities, grouping all the companies together under the name of Italmill and starting the construction of three highly automatized and technologically advanced production plants for food powder mixing and natural sourdough production.

In 2019 MBM sold its entire participation in Italmill to focus only on its supporting role to start-ups, bit still focusing on the food sector. See startups and innovative companies we are proud to be part of by clicking here.

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